Ballymount MRF SID

In accordance with section 37E of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), Starrus Eco Holdings Ltd gives notice of its intention to make an application for permission to An Bord Pleanála for the following proposed development on a site of c. 1.18 ha located at a Ballymount Road Upper, Ballymount, Dublin 24. The proposed development is a project of the type described at paragraph 3 – Environmental Infrastructure in the Seventh Schedule of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended) being an installation for the disposal, treatment, or recovery of waste with a capacity for an annual intake greater than 100,000 tonnes.

The development will consist of: demolition of all existing buildings, including a c. 1,648 sq m one-storey material recovery building (max height c. 10.9 m) and a c. 612 sq m two-storey administration office building (max height c. 8.2 m); construction of a 4,710 sq m one-storey material recovery building (max height 13.3 m) (the material recovery building will inter alia include an ancillary administration reception office, canteen, WCs, and storage); and a change of use (intensification) to increase the annual waste acceptance rate from 150,000 tonnes to 350,000 tonnes per year so as to expand the facility’s recycling/recovery capacity.

The development will also consist of: relocation of the facility’s entrance some 20 m southeast; redirection of refuse vehicle route; relocation of weighbridges and waiting area in the path of the revised refuse vehicle route; relocation of skip storage and trailer parking to the northeast of the site; installation of an odour control unit to the rear (eastern corner) of the material recovery building (the unit will include an external flu 15.3 m in height above ground); construction of an ESB substation (max height 3.4 m); reduction in, and rearrangement of, car parking provision (from some 70 No. to 43 No. total car parking spaces, including the provision of 9 No. EV car parking spaces and 3 No. disabled car parking spaces (1 No. being a disabled and EV car parking space)); provision of 24 No. bicycle stands; a 4 m high acoustic wall located along the eastern boundary of the site; hard and soft landscaping; SuDS; boundary treatments; tree removal; tree planting; interim site hoarding; lighting; site services; and all ancillary works and services necessary to facilitate construction and operation.

The application relates to development that comprises or is for the purposes of an activity requiring an Industrial Emissions Licence. The facility operates under an IE licence (No. W0039-02) issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This application for permission is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR).